Maine Real Estate Management (MREM) provides comprehensive management services to Condo Associations and HOAs in a professional and friendly manner. When you hire MREM, you can be assured that our staff will handle every detail, including:

Management Services

  • Keep current updated homeowner files and maintain current homeowner directory.
  • Review Rules and Regulations with the Board and make changes as needed.
  • Review upcoming contracts with the Board for changes or updates.
  • Compile bid packets for contractors.
  • Review received bid packets with the Board.
  • Work with contractors hired by the Association to make sure that all contractual obligations are being met.
  • Work with Committee members as needed.
  • Field all phone calls from homeowners and log and respond to any maintenance issues that are an HOA responsibility. All service requests are logged in our management software database.
  • Provide 24/7 management availability for any emergency needs. Deliver notices to homeowners as needed.
Board Meetings
  • Host all board meetings at Maine Real Estate Management office.
  • Prepare agenda and financial reports for board meetings. Agenda and reports to be distributed to all board members via e-mail at least 24-hours in advance of meeting.
  • Send out Notice of Annual Meeting to all homeowners as required by Association documents.
  • Prepare annual meeting packets and distribute to all homeowners as required by Association documents.
  • Attend all regular and annual meetings.
Sale of Units
  • Prepare resale certificate at request of real estate broker or closing attorney.
  • Provide new homeowners with Association documents as required.

Financial Services

  • Prepare and distribute P&L, balance sheets, and delinquency reports to the Board on a monthly basis.
  • Provide year-end financial date to HOA accountant for preparation of tax returns.
  • Work with the Board to create an Annual Budget.
Accounts Receivable
  • Collect assessment fees and deposit in appropriate bank account.
  • Keep individual AR records in our management software database.
  • Send out late notices as required.
  • Place and remove liens as required.
Accounts payable
  • Pay bills as authorized.
  • Maintain current vendor records and files.